Grab your sword and fight the Horde


Hi All,

As promised to provide updates as deemed important, we have done the following:

[Limited Time]
Join now and start at Lv100!

1. Added beginners package (players will spawn with last tier equipment +8 full blue and enough SP to start their journey and catchup)
2. Added 3 days prem plus skill for the new chars.
3. Increased SoX drop rate 2x current rate.
4. Silk/2 hour has been changed to Silk/1hour!

Thank you for being part of this amazing community, you are the best.

Warm regards,
Syntix Online

Grab your sword and fight the Horde


Every feature introduced in Syntix is created with love.
From now on, there will be no more drop abusers who just come to wait for the unique to die and pick up the reward, in addition to that, all party members who contributed in killing the unique will be rewarded.
That will also apply to the Weekly Unique Event; not only 1 person, but the whole party will be rewarded equally J.

Party Unique Reward will apply on the following events & unique's:

1. Weekly Unique Event
2. Roc
3. Medusa
4. Job Temple Unique's

Make sure to stay in the party after the unique is killed and to always have at least 4 empty slots for the reward.

More feature improvements and updates will follow as deemed important. Enjoy your stay at Syntix Online.

With love,
Syntix Online

Grab your sword and fight the Horde


We are united with our players in believing that honorable competition brings advancement. As promised, our website now includes a new ranking feature with a satisfying interface.We feel it's our obligation to improve and develop as the server flourishes. We are committed to providing fair and transparent competition to you all.

We hope you will enjoy and make use of this feature.

Grab your sword and fight the Horde

Minor changes

Hello All,

Tomorrow (Tuesday, the 25th of June) we will run basic maintenance at 20:00 server time. Some changes will be implemented, they are tweaks derived from your suggestions and our observation.

-Increase stack size of alchemy stones to 500
-Increase elixir drop rate
-Adjust FW tax rate to 20%

[Time Required]
-15 minutes.

We are very happy with the players' engagement and we want to take this opportunity to thank our continuously growing community.

Best wishes.
Syntix Online

Grab your sword and fight the Horde

The Launch

We're on our way now, nothing will stop us.
We are happy to inform newcomers that our server is now open. The start was great, but the journey is what matters.
Don't miss out and be part of the best private server!

Grab your sword and fight the Horde

Grand Opening

Live Countdown
Syntix 2.0 is here! Grand Opening on Friday, 14.06.2019 at 18:00 Syntix Standard Time.

Syntix Online welcomes you and your friends this summer, with redesigned features tailored to your dreams. Additionally, a wide range of amazing prizes (item mall points) is waiting for the first 100 players who reach Lv100!

We would love to have back each and every one of you, those who once frequented Syntix, and those viewing this project with enthusiasm. Being able to call you our community would be both an honor and a pleasure.